Friday, 5 February 2010

Sex and the City 2 - Carrie On

I am a Charlotte. I have been since the first episode of Sex and the City that I watched. Possibly against my better judgement, I must admit to being a faithful SATC fan. I find the acting is terrible, the dialogue is forced, the clothes are ridiculous and the storylines outrageous. But I have watched every episode. I cried when Carrie left Mikhail Barishnikov in Paris and ran back to Manhattan with Mr Big (sorry if I’ve just ruined the last episode for someone but if you’ve waited until now to watch it you deserve the spoiler).

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week welcomed Kim Cattrall (with an oddly transatlantic accent). In case you faithful fans have missed out on the news like I had, the new movie is out May 28th and it appears the plot is being kept a complete mystery. The trailer and interviews with cast members seem to reveal few details about the film other than a trip to Marocco, a terrible soundtrack (out with Henry Mancini and in with Jay-Z seems to be the motto) and the unfortunate Sun-style tagline “Carrie on” that actually made me groan.

It has to be said that despite all arrows pointing away from the cinema, I am desperate to see this film. Probably for the same reason as I felt compelled to watch Saved by the Bell – The College Years, I need to know what happened next! Namely: did Carrie and Big stay together?!

It could be great, it could be terrible. Watch this space, I’ll report back.

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