Thursday, 11 February 2010

How I am going to pass Magazine Journalism (maybe)

I picked Magazine Journalism because the alternative was Photo and Video Journalism. I know this isn’t the noblest reason but it’s the truth. Although I both admire and envy those with photoandvideo (in my mind it’s just one word) skills, I would like to pass my degree, thank you very much. Ergo, magazine stand here I come.

Not that I have anything against magazines. In fact, when I lived in Spain I used to get my dad to post me (yes, post!) issues of Mizz and Sugar. But having outgrown them, I certainly don’t read enough current “grownup” magazines to reasonably expect to get a good mark in a module all about understanding them. Although in fairness, that would probaby bankrupt me.

When I found out that the assignment required “working in groups” I got that horrible feeling that I became all to acquainted with in primary school PE classes. You may know the one I mean: your heart beats a little faster; your eyes seem to find your trainers to be the most fascinating thing in the world... Then you fast-forward a few minutes to when your excited classmates are all paired up and the teacher says: “OK, who wants to work with Sirena?” Cue everyone shuffling around the football pitch / lecture theatre muttering about their group being full.

In actual fact, I am happily grouped up and excited to create what seems to be some sort of cross between the New Yorker, Cosmopolitan and Vice Magazine. Sound bizarre? As well it should – I’m involved. But who knows? Maybe this time next year I’ll be rich! Or maybe I’ll just be re-taking the module. Either way suggestions are welcome!


  1. That was exactly my point by the beginning of the first workshop. I dont read these celeb magazines nor do i have any interest in them, yet my notes are consisting of 'Closer' and 'Heat' as the main examples.
    We are expected to know these magazines and know the audience they are targeting.
    I too chose magazine journalism as there was no chance in hell i would pick video journalism but i thought i would be able to create a music magazine but no we have to pick something that hasn't been done before. An impossible task!

  2. Hi Sirena,
    Yep, getting into groups still brings back horrible memories of being chosen last for netball...
    But I've got a great bunch of people to work with and am quite excited about the project now.
    Good luck!

  3. I've done mag journalism, it was stressful at times but have confidence in your ideas, work as a team and deal with problems straight away. It will be fun thinking of a unique concept for your own magazine and realizing it :)

  4. Hi!
    I don't envy you working in groups either!!
    I don't have memories of being left to the last when being chosen for a group but I am sure that was not the case with you:-)
    Look forward to reading the end

  5. I mean I look forward to reading the end product!!

  6. I've found this is a recurring problem. Not enough of the modules appear to be relevant or to my taste. I agree though Magazine Journalism appears to be more appealing, I was going to pick that but then it clashed or something or another. Anyway great blog Sirena, a very good read :)

  7. I looked at all the modules just to see which had the word group in it, but wanted to do magazine so much. I actually felt like breaking out in a cold sweat as soon as Beth said the word. But hey i have a good group so its ok. I guess its supressed school memories...

  8. If you get the chance, you should try out a photo/video journalism course - I really liked it, and in spite my fear of complicated computer programs, Premier Pro became my friend in the end. Photo/video journalism is the future - magazines and papers will eventually die out, so we might as well just get used to it :)